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Specialist Tooling

ATS can offer its clients a wide variety of specialist tooling techniques which gives us the unique ability to specify the correct technology to suit our customers needs.

Vac-Form Tooling. 

Vac-Form tooling can be manufactured for parts up-to 5m x 3m and to suit a variety of raw materials, we can also supply routing & machining jigs to post form trim finished components or supply vacuum laminanting tools with full auto-cut functionality to manufacture fully finished components.

PU-Foam tooling.

PU-Foam tooling can be manufactured to suit a variety of applications from Armrests up to full Instrument Panels and include overmoulding onto plastic substrates or with closed cell foam skins, tooling can be supplied from simple open-pour systems up-to fully enclosed self manipulation robot pour cells.

 We also have the unique ability to be able to trial foam tooling using our own Canon low pressure PU foam machine and often offer support for early stage build part requirements to our customers.

RTM, RIM & S-RIM Tooling.

Tooling can be manufactured from prototype and low volume tools manufactured from a variety of materials up-to full volume production tooling manufactured from tooling grade aluminium, complex shapes can be accomodated using hydraulic/pneumatic side sliders and internal movements. Parts of 2.5m x 2.5m can be tooled & trialled.