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Injection Moulding

Following on from recent investment ATS Mouldings now operates 9 Injection Moulding machines from 25t up-to 550t lock with a maximum shot weight in PS of just over 2000gms, all housed in ourdedicated facility based at our Folkestone site.

Our modern range of machines & ancillaries allows us to process virtually any Thermoplastic materials including rigid PVC and a wide range of the more Technical Engineering Polymers.

Whilst we can accommodate production runs of any size we tend to specialise in smaller batches and will often set-up tools to run as few as 100 parts which is a service that many other Moulders will not entertain, this combined with low cost-low volume aluminium tooling and our range of modular die-sets gives customers the opportunity to purchase small quantities of injection moulded parts that may, through more traditional routes, not have been cost effective due to high initial tooling costs and set-up charges.

As well as standard Injection Moulded components we also produce a wide variety of more technical parts that may include 2-Shot overmoulding, insert moulding and parts that are post moulding Painted (In-House) or Printed.