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Rapid Prototyping.

Rapid prototype models can be supplied ranging from quick turnaround SLS, SLA models with leadtimes typically quoted in days rather than weeks, these models are ideal for visual inspection and/or mechanical assembly, show models can be supplied in a variety of painted finishes to replicate the end item and can include complete working assemblies.

If parts are required in higher volumes >10 then we can offer PU-Vacuum Cast models in a variety of PU materials that closely emulate production plastic materials, these parts can be manufactured up-to 1000mm x 500mm, the selection of materials that can be used include Flame Retardents, Clear and materials that have properties similar to high end engineering plastics enabling parts to be made with very similar properties to the finsihed product. Typically 30-40 parts can be manufactured from each silicone runner tool with leadtimes to first parts in the region of 1-2 weeks. Vac cast parts can be moulded in the correct colour or post cast painted to give fully finished items.