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Rapid IM Tooling and Moulding

Heavy investment in our Injection Moulding department and the manufacture of bespoke modular die-sets for each of our 10 moulding machines allows us to offer an extremely fast turnaround & competitive solution to those customers requiring rapid parts using the injection moulding process and in the correct materials for testing. This also appeals to cutomers who only require low quantities of parts that may not have been previously cost effective due to high tooling costs.

Our Tool design engineers take the component design and match it to the most suitable moulding machine and modular die-set, they then design in 3-D the inserts to fit the die-set, any undercuts in the parts are formed using hand loaded inserts so expensive & time consuming slider mechanisms are not required.

Our Toolroom then manufactures the inserts generally using tooling grade Aluminium which when combined with our high speed machining centres and "Lights-Out" manufacturing allows us to manufacture tools in extremely reduced leadtimes often down to as little as 5 days from PO to mould sampling.

Any parts larger than our modular systems can cope with are manufactured from tooling grade aluminium billets but employ similar systems for undercuts etc, prototpye hot runner systems can also be employed so as to replicate series production feed methods.