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Automotive Trim Wrapping Machines

Over the past years ATS have been heavily involved in the Design, Development & Production of Automated Wrapping machines for wrapping material around a plastic substrate, parts generally being used for interior automove trim.

Traditionally, wrapped parts would have been hand tailored using Cloth, TPO or leather materials and is such was an extremely labour intensive and costly process with varying quality standards, ATS took on board the challenge and have developed a range of automated machines using a variety of technologies to reduce the hand wrapping content of the process as much as is physically possible.

The machines can be designed to accomodate heat reactive pre-applied adhesive backed materials or cold contact.

With each new project ATS are constantly evolving all aspects of design, wether it be by pressure pad movement, type of heating method, electronics or pneumatics so our customers can be assured that their product is at the forefront of technology.